On Call Bio is Pensacola, FL’s premier provider of cleaning and disinfection of crime scenes, homicides, natural unattended deaths, suicides, blood, infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and other bio-hazardous situations. If you are in need of Pensacola crime scene or blood cleanup services contact us at 904-299-1909 for 24/7 discreet and compassionate assistance.

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Since 1996, On Call Bio Services has provided quality professional biohazard cleaning to families and businesses nationwide. In Florida and nationwide, our dedicated staff of technicians are available 24/7 to help in a wide variety of specialty sanitization situations, including unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, and tear gas remediation. Most insurance is accepted, and we will guide you through each step of the process. Call On Call Bio today, and discover how professional crime scene cleaners can help give you peace of mind by protecting your home and your family.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Florida 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around Pensacola, FL including Beulah, Gonzalez, Bohemia, the U of Florida area and all the surrounding cities


(Pensacola, FL) – An unattended death can have unintended consequences to a property owner. The health of future tenants and the well-being of the property are just two of the reasons why many owners choose to call On Call Bio. When a Pensacola man died, the team met with the building manager, who informed the crew that the tenant had passed away approximately 4 weeks prior and was just recently discovered. When technicians entered the unit, the technicians noted biological matter is present on the tile floor in the front entry and kitchen, covered with a towel. Biological fluid was also present on the carpet in the living room. Immediately the crew went to work, removing all visible traces of bio and disposing of carpets and contaminated personal property. They also set up an air scrubber to filter harmful, odor-causing bacteria from the air. Finally, they cleaned and sanitized the entire apartment from top to bottom. To provide additional peace of mind, On Call Bio presented the owner with a Certificate of Treatment after the work was done, stating that the unit was safe and habitable once again.


If you or someone you know was a victim of a crime, On Call Bio has collected some resources to help guide you through this process.

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“Zach was compassionate, professional, caring and easy to work with, yet clear with what he needed to do and conscious of safety. His crew were equally caring and professional.”

Peggy H.

Chicago, IL

“On Call Bio was very professional and was able to accommodate the urgency in the situation. They explained the services and was able to relieve my worries as they dealt with the insurance company. Other companies were unable to take the job or handle the job with efficiency to get the ball moving. Since I was needing the job done in a small window of time.”

Latoya G.

Sacramento, CA

“On Call Bio team made a very hard event much easier. Without them, I do not know how I would have made it through this. Corry went above and beyond my expectations. She was much more than the lead and for that I am more than thankful.”

Christopher R.

Tallahassee, FL

“On Call Bio was very professional and completed the work in a timely and efficient manner. I would recommend them to future clients because of my experience with the professional work done during this stressful time. Good job, Jennifer. “

Michael G.

Boulder, CO